Guest Bathroom Make Over

This past Spring I managed to paint my office and the guest bedroom in a matter of a few days.  This left the guest bathroom to be the only part of the house I still thought lacked desire.  I was kind of on a painting spree and thought maybe I’d paint the bathroom and give it a little facelift.  I bought a sample of a paint color “Colonial Blue” it’s exactly the color you’re imagining (or at least I thought the name fit it perfectly) I was certain I’d really like and painted a big oval on the bathroom wall to see how it looked.  I really liked the color, but the blue in contrast to the grey in our hallway didn’t  look good together :(  It was  the beginning of May whenever I painted that oval and before I knew it the whole summer was gone and the second week of August was here- and that oval was such a familiar sight I thought it might just stay that way.

My sister and I were at Hobby Lobby one day last week and I saw this little shelf/basket/hanger thing and I thought it looked like something Bart would really like (it’s hard to decorate a home whenever you’re married because you typically have to get somewhat gender neutral decor).  So I took a picture, got it husband approved and brought it home- meaning it was time to figure out what to do with the oval.  After finishing the master bathroom remodel– I was pretty over bathroom projects, so looking back I’m pretty surprised I even attempted to paint the bathroom anyway.  With no inspiration I went into the garage and dug through all the paint cans left behind by the previous owner.  I found the one labeled “hallway/bathroom?”  There were about 5 different cans of a yellow/dijon mustard/beige paint and I hoped that this one was indeed for the bathroom.  I opened the can and the paint was literally as thick as mud…kind of a problem.  So I went to Sherwin Williams with my paint and tried to get a quart of the same color…however a quart of paint cost $23!  I couldn’t imagine spending that much money on a touch up!  Fortunately, the paint guy there said that the paint I had would still work for a touch up.  So I got a paint stirrer from him and headed home to cover up my oval.Bathroom BeforeSo can you tell where my oval was?  This old paint was obviously not going to do the trick.  I was also trying to do as minimal work as possible since it is likely Bart and I will be moving within the next year to wherever he is going to medical school (the school is not a secret, we just won’t know until early next year where he gets accepted).  If this were a more long term house I would retile the shower, probably the floor and vanity…oh gosh, that sounds almost like a complete remodel, so that’s why I had to keep it simple and only paint.  BTW- if anyone knows where I can find some of the vintage white and pink tile I would at least like to fix this. IMG_0276

Okay- so back to the paint situation.  The oval removal was obviously not a success.  Plus the new shelf thing I bought had a light color piece of wood on it and I thought it blended in with the wall color too much.  Luckily I was able to convinced Bart to come shower curtain shopping and then paint color shopping so I could begin my weekend project.  Oh yeah, so the reason why I liked the shelf/hanger thing?  Because I absolutely did not like this.IMG_0265Aesthetically, not the worst thing I’ve ever seen.  But functionally…not so much.  It was on the back of the door between the powder room and the bathroom and the towels always fell on the ground and it also stuck out a good 4-5 inches right at eye level…just not good placement.  So I took it down. IMG_0268Oh Crap…did not expect that to happen, guess we had mutual feelings of dislike for one another.

It’s kind of weird to me to not really have a “during” picture, but all I did was paint and decorate- so here it is! Bathroom Before/AfterI’m slightly obsessed.  It’s really amazing what a good paint color can do to give a room more appeal.  The contrast of the paint against the vanity tile is one of my favorite elements and I didn’t even consider it when selecting the color! Bathroom Before/AfterIf you missed it above, here’s my little “patch” for the hole in the door.  I found a several potential items to hang and paint over at Hobby Lobby, but this one covered the hole best without making too much of a statement.  It was maybe a bronze/antique looking ceramic piece, but I caulked it to the door and painted it in hopes that no one would ever know there is a hole behind it.IMG_0295I wasn’t even sure if this facelift would be blog worthy, so I didn’t take a before picture of the actual bathroom, but here’s the after.  We got our shower curtain at Target.  The previous one was  a white waffle fabric curtain.  IMG_0292Less is more right?  Do I have to fill each of those baskets?  I don’t know what I’d put in them… I considered putting breath mints in the jar on the shelf though ;)IMG_0287

For anyone interested- here’s where the goods came from.  I got the shelf and birds at Hobby Lobby (if you turn the birds around they’re more ornate and have little silver gemstones on them, but I prefer the simple look).  The little jar is from Ross and I really like it!  Towels are from Target.  The patterned ones are from last year and I couldn’t find any more than what I have, but they still have the coral ones.IMG_0285Oh yes- and the question I get asked the most is what this little guy is…IMG_0298

The thought crossed my mind to pull it out and patch the hole since the medicine cabinet is right above it…but then after my mishap with removing the door hanger I decided to leave it be.  Plus I also I love that it shows the era the house was built.  IMG_0299It’s a toothbrush holder!

I don’t know what I’ll start doing now that practically the entire house has been redone.  I should probably work on landscaping, but I’ll be honest and let you know now that is very unlikely.  But Bart does have a pumpkin patch growing in the back yard right now :)

One Year Anniversary!

Yesterday we celebrated (or rather I gave myself a high-five) our one year anniversary in our current house!  Anyone who’s known Bart and I for a while can attest to the fact that we’re notorious house hoppers!  Since getting married in August 2009 (getting close to 4 years)- we have moved FOUR times!  I’ll give you the run down-

House  1- Rental in Norman- Occupied approximately 11 months (this time includes the 6 weeks we officially owned our first home, but were doing a bit of work on before we moved in)

House 2- Our first home in Norman- Occupied approximately 12 months (however we were already under contract with another house in Edmond about 3 months before we moved out)

House 3- Edmond house- Occupied approximately 9 months (we’re obviously setting a bad trend here)

House 4- Norman (again)- OCCUPIED A FULL YEAR!!!

We obviously have some commitment issues on where we want to live, but it feels like a huge accomplishment to be settled into our home and not be on the market to move again!  In honor of our one year anniversary here I decided to share the transformation our house has taken in the past year!

This house doesn’t qualify for the classification “fixer upper” (even though I have a soft spot for them)- but Bart and I agreed that there were a few things that could be improved upon to make it more suitable to our taste.  The very first thing I did whenever we had the keys to the house was add a little more privacy to the master bedroom.  One of the previous owners added a sunroom onto the house that then connected to both the living room and the master bedroom (both of which originally had access to the back yard).  We knew we wanted to close off this point of access to the master bedroom (don’t worry, there is another entrance to it!) and Bart had the genius idea to put in a bookshelf. I love that they left the exposed brick as part of the room and the bookshelf is perfect since there are other built-ins in the house.  1 first project This is the view from our bedroom.  I forgot to take a before picture because I was so focused on the bookshelf aspect of it, so be imaginative that there were glass doors there! 2bedroom nookSo that project was complete within the first 5 days of having the title- It was a requirement to complete it so that there was no construction in the master bedroom while we were sleeping in there (little did we know that there was a time consuming bathroom project in the future!)

While were still excited and in 100% “go getter” mode- we built a new mantle.  I had already decided this was going to happen- but I was just going to do it whenever I had the time…then Bart said “I think I want to build a new mantle” and I quickly responded “Great!  I know exactly how I want to build it”  We then discussed how Bart wanted it built so that the TV cables could go through the mantle and back to the bookcase so that we could hide the wires and everything worked out beautifully!  Oh- and this was a super frustrating project for us to be working on (probably because we didn’t have a nail gun) but it was a two-man job so we made it happen.workerThe best part was while we were about to go crazy working on it our sweet neighbor from across the street brought us a warm loaf of banana nut bread and puppy chow.  We immediately took a break- ate some sweets- and came back with positive attitudes and completed the project!

3fireplace This isn’t the most exciting before/after…but do you know how hard it is to paint a room this size that still has a washer and dryer in it?!?  Purple purple, happy wife = laundry queen :)4laundryI was mainly just bored and decided to frame out the windows in the sun room.  It still needs a little help with decoration, but I thought it helped make it fit in more with the rest of the house.  We left the shades off to make it a legit sun room (or really because I didn’t like the color of them and custom shades are expensive!)5sunroomI had to get several opinions before Bart approved this next project- This is what you see when you walk in the front door (check out that bomb mantle!).  If you’ve never been to our house, the living/dining area is very open- it used to be 3 different rooms and they took down the walls and made it one big room.  So whenever the walls were still there, this doorway was how you accessed the living room- but with the walls gone it became just a random doorway.  So after probably a week of polling everyone who walked through our door and trying to convince Bart that we should close off this space, he finally conceded (mainly because I told him that he could put in a wood wall there)!6entrywayIt’s great and we now have a more defined entry space for our home.  Oh- and this is from one of my first blog posts!  So if you want a little more detail you can check it out here! (ha- I just reread that post and I obviously remember the ordeal very accurately because I wrote pretty much the same thing!)

The entry way project happened in June/July (it seems so long ago) so I’m surprised that the next project to share is the bathroom  since it has only recently been completed-I started it in August and officially finished it in February!  I feel like I’ve already spilled my guts as much as is acceptable with that project, so if you want to know all about it,  you can read that post!
7editIMG_03538editIMG_0354 My personal goal with my most recent project was to have it finished before my first wedding of the season because I didn’t want for it to take months to complete whenever I knew it could be done in a matter of a week or two.  Mission accomplished!9armoireI am currently on hold from doing any other projects until Bart takes the MCAT and applies (and gets accepted) to medical school.  My hope is to stay in this house throughout his schooling- mainly because I’ve got lots of visions for future projects ;)  In case you didn’t get your fill, there are a few other little projects you can read about here!

Lastly- my favorite picture of the dogs at our house (they were standing on a stack of fence panels)!


Built in Armoire

If there is one thing older houses are known for- it’s a lack of closet space (right?)  Whenever we first looked at our house one of the only negatives was that there wasn’t very much closet space in the master bedroom.  After living in a brand new house with an obnoxiously big closet cutting down our closet space to 1/6 of what it had been wasn’t fun.  I crammed my clothes as closely together as possible and hung all my dresses in another closet.

In case you need a little illustration of what I’m talking about- here’s our Edmond closet. 08 And then our current closetIMG_3407 Just a bit of difference in capacity ;)  So while I was working on the bathroom remodel I had tons of tools and supplies lining the wall under the window in our bedroom.  Since this project took several months to complete, I got used to not having the extra floor space in that part of the room.  Then whenever I made the door for the bathroom I cleaned up the space for a picture and began to think that the floor space was awkward on that side of the room…which of course got my creative wheels turning on what could be done with this space.  Our next door neighbors have a nearly identical floor plan to our house and after seeing that their bedroom had an extra closet in the corner I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  So I patiently waited until the right moment to propose the idea to Bart…remember that the bathroom looked like this for a bit longer than I had originally planned.  IMG_0851 So whenever I finally asked Bart what he thought of my new idea, I had to include in my proposal that I would not begin this project until the bathroom was complete.  So once the bathroom was fully functional, toilet, sink, shower- I began my new project.  Ha- I posted this picture to instagram because I went to get caulk for to finish the shower and while in the store I mentally calculated how much wood I would need to get started on my new project. Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 6.46.24 PMNow I’ll stop explaining everything and show you what you came here for!IMG_1862IMG_1865IMG_1869IMG_3385IMG_3402 It turned out just how I wanted!  And my clothes are happy :)  Here’s another angle- the right side is 4 inches wider than the left, but the window wasn’t centered in the bedroom so I couldn’t help it.  But I’m obsessed- let me know if you want me to hang something of yours, I’ve got room!IMG_3399 On my “to do list- eventually” is making (or more likely having someone else make) a cushion for the window…but until then Oscar is quite pleased with my temporary solution.IMG_3390IMG_3396

Bathroom Remodel- FINISHED!!!

To say I’m excited to finally be finished with the bathroom remodel doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel.  I feel about twenty different emotions now that this project is officially over, but just know that I AM DONE!  WOOHOO!!!

I wish I knew where the piece of paper that I wrote my original to do list was…but it said something like this:

Sunday- Gut bathroom, put up sheet rock, mud and texture walls

Monday- Prime and paint walls, tile floors, tile shower

Tuesday- Grout floor and shower

Ummm…seriously, I thought I was superwoman!!  Thanks to Bart and Olaf I did cross the first thing off my to list in one day!editIMG_0592editIMG_0593editIMG_0584editIMG_0609editIMG_0608So that was the easy part.  Next came moving the wiring to the opposite side of the bathroom, putting up cement board in the shower, sheetrock, mud, texture, primer, paint, tile, trim…deep breath, building a vanity, tiling the vanity counter, tiling the shower floor-walls-and ceiling.  Needless to say- this project did not last 1 week as I predicted.  I definitely learned my lesson not to start a project during the middle of my busiest time of the year.  Just in case you need a better idea of my s-l-o-w progress, I made a few other posts about this remodel POST 1  POST 2 POST 3

Now that I’m done with my abbreviated version of how long this project took- here are my before after pictures!!editIMG_0353editIMG_0354My original sketch IMG_0854 Final result!editIMG_3141

Bathroom Remodel- Door

One of the big inspirations in the bathroom remodel was the style of door we were going to put in.  I know, a door- they’re functional…but in our case it also became the focal point in the room.  So if you revisit my original post about the bathroom remodel- you will see that part of our inspiration was a door like this.  I had every intention of tracking down that super trendy barn door hardware- but I couldn’t find it anywhere for less than $500 (just the hardware, not the door) and finally felt defeated and decided to come up with my own way of doing it that wasn’t as expensive.  So here’s the progress.  The original entrance to the bathroom was tucked in the corner of the bedroom, but we moved it so you walk in to the middle of the bathroom.Our reliable supervisor- always ready to assist :)
This side of the wall had been complete since the beginning of September.  I needed for something to look complete so that I didn’t feel like I was sleeping in the middle of a construction site. My version of a sliding barn door is a 2×4 with a track for a bypass sliding door attached to it.  Not too fancy and the total cost for the track and wood to frame it out was $43…not so bad compared to the $500 I was looking at before.Since the door was a little taller than the standard sized door they sell- I decided to get a nice sanded piece of plywood and spruce it up with a little trim and paneling.In case you ever wondered if craft time in elementary school would ever come in handy…the answer is YES!Complete door!  I obviously still have some painting to do in the bedroom, but that will happen once my next project is finished (yes, I’m already planning something new!)And I totally caught Oscar snuggling with the shop vac…

Bathroom- Progress (finally)

Oh the woes of a DIY bathroom remodel…Mainly the woes of “why do I not have nearly as much time as I thought I did?”  I’m not really sure where to begin, so if you need a preface- read my first post about the bathroom remodel.  To say we took on more than we anticipated would be an understatement.  Please someone keep me in check not to do a big project right in the middle of wedding season!!!  November-February are my new restrictions for monster projects (but hopefully this is the biggest one we do in this house).

So, back to where to start- I’ll just say that the picture below accurately portrays the condition of our bathroom for the past month (…and a half?) as of last Monday…Good thing we’ve got two!

Last week I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with photo sessions and editing- so I decided to multi task and work on the bathroom and squeeze in a bit of photography work in between coats of paint drying.  My goal last week was to finish building the vanity cabinet.  Originally the plan was to custom order one- but before even researching what the cost would be, I said “I can build one”… Wait, who in their right mind says that!?!?  Blah- So here’s what I started with- a nice fancy $46 piece of plywood.
Building it in…literally.  It’s not really attached to the wall, but I cannot imagine anything being much more frustrating than building it in the garage only to later discover how unsquare this bathroom is and it not fit properly…so built in it is!Plenty of measure twice, cut once going on with this project :) 
Me back at the beginning of September (two months ago…this project was on hold a bit longer than I realized!).  So glad to be past this stage in building!  My project last week was finishing building and installing drawers, painting the vanity, and making the faces for the fronts of the drawers.

Totally normal, right?Originally I had tried putting the trim on the front of the drawers without there being a layer of wood inbeween.  This lead to an unpretty sight, so I decided to redo them and put a thin piece of plywood as a buffer between drawer and trim.  In hindsight I probably should have just custom ordered the drawer faces- but I don’t regret it because I love how they turned out!The progress of the drawers.Fanfare please!  The vanity cabinet is complete!!!  The top of course isn’t, but this is a major victory in my book!Oh- and the coolest thing in the world?!?  This toilet paper holder!!!  Genius!Hoping to make supernatural progress by next week- wish me luck :)

Puppy Stockings

A couple of weeks ago my friend Stephanie stopped by for a little visit.  She arrived just as I finished making a batch of hot cocoa- I’m currently working on the right balance of ingredients, but as soon as it’s perfected I’ll share ;)  With a cup of cocoa spiked with Bailey’s in our hands the holidays seemed like the perfect subject for conversation.  Stephanie casually asked if I had ever done anything like make a stocking…kind of a loaded question, so I pulled out my box that was hidden in the guest bedroom and showed her the project I had begun last holiday season.  My mom’s mom has made these absolutely adorable stockings for each of her kids, grandkids, great grand kids, and spouses (I don’t know how many people that is, but 30 or so).  I thought it would be cute to make Oscar and Olaf matching stockings like the ones Bart and I have – so I ordered a couple of kits to make the pups stockings of their own.  Here’s what the box looks like today:I thought maybe I’d spend a few evenings working on each stocking and then be finished.  Instead- I put in at least a dozen long nights carefully cutting felt, precisely placing sequins, and earnestly embroidering edges (going for a bit of alliteration with my adjectives) only to complete step 38 of 142!  Aaaaahhhh!  How did my Memama do so many stockings?!?!  So here’s where I left off and don’t intend to pick up until there’s a possibility of a baby Consedine being in attendance at Christmas (which definitely is not this year!).Okay, so super cute and classic for Christmas, but not practical for dogs.  Somehow I ended up on pinterest looking at ideas for homemade stockings and stumbled upon a cute little puppy stocking.  Naturally I actually click on the link to read instructions like I should have- instead I just looked at the picture and thought “I can do that”.  So off to Hobby Lobby I went and got  a yard of tan sherpa, some stiff black fuzzy fabric (not felt, but a more furry texture), a couple of colors of thread, and some needles-despite having an endless stock stashed in my original stocking box.Using another stocking as a template for size, I cut out a piece of poster board for my stocking template (which I still have if anyone wants it!)Diligently stitching Naturally I took a little break for some puppy hugs :)Finished product!  I’d estimate I spent about 7 hours total working on them…muuuch better than my original idea for their stockings ;)
And lastly- if you wonder what really sets the holiday spirit in this house, it’s this candle…I think I’ve already burnt through 3 of them this fall!