Condo Living – Master Bedroom

Oh hi, it’s been a while…but fear not, I have plenty of projects to share from our new home in Colorado!

I’m excited to share my most recent project (completed today)- building a bed for our “master” bedroom.  A tiny bit of background for the inspiration for this project first…and, as always, feel free to just skim the pictures, the project is more impressive than my writing skills.  So to the inspiration- one of the hardest things about moving from Oklahoma to Colorado was the drastic home downsize we’ve gone through (our condo is less than half the size of our OKC house).  Our master bedroom is probably 9ft x 11ft which is so so so tiny!  I think the only time I had a room smaller than this was when I was in the dorms freshman year of college, and my possessions were quite limited at the time.  Whenever we first moved into our place we set up our lovely king bed set that we had in OKC and it took up the ENTIRE room, we made it work, but we were keeping a lot of our clothing in the guest bedroom dresser which is not ideal whenever we actually had guests.IMG_0585 And here’s our closet.  I feel like we’ve been in this situation before…IMG_0623So you get the idea… two people, tiny room, tiny closet…we needed more storage.  In order to save myself the blood, sweat, and tears of building a bed, I first searched online for a possible solution for our bedroom storage.  I found some affordable options, but typically affordable isn’t really that cute, and after all the work we did with the rest of the condo, I wanted to have a bedroom I was proud to show off too.  So I thought I might splurge on something from West Elm or Pottery Barn…I browsed a little bit, but realized what they had wouldn’t maximize the storage potential for our room, so spending the money on something that didn’t completely solve our problem wasn’t the best route.  Which meant off to Home Depot I went.  I had an idea of what I wanted to do, and started off with the materials I needed for framing the bed.  Here’s a quick photo summary of the framing-IMG_1676IMG_1681IMG_1685IMG_6079IMG_6081Wow- if you’re thinking that looks like a heavy bed, you’re right…it’s not going anywhere.  Oh, I guess now would be a good time to say that my plan for the bed is to have under bed storage, night stands, and above bed storage.  So essentially storage in every place possible.  And all that storage means lots of box building.  Thanks to Bart for helping me with this, and several other parts of the project — some jobs just aren’t made for one person, and I’m thankful that he gave me his time a few hours on his weekends!IMG_6101Do you notice the tarp between the truck and 4Runner?  I set it up for shade and then ended up not using it because there wasn’t enough room.  I tried.IMG_6107IMG_6104IMG_6102So.  Much.  Fun.
But really, these boxes are what hold all of our shit stuff that we need storage for…so boxes we make, and boxes we now have.  Our nightstand boxes are about 24 wide by 10 deep and our under bed boxes (4 total) are 30 wide by 24 deep which is soooo amazing.  And I absolutely suck at installing drawers on tracks…so I made them the old fashioned way with wooden tracks and used a “pressure sensitive tape using Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW) film with an aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive. The UHMW film provides an excellent low friction, non-stick surface in many ways similar to PTFE. The film has a very high tensile strength and is very tough and abrasion resistant.” which makes the drawers glide smoothly and saves my sanity!

Along with building something practical, comes making something pretty…so after all the framing and boxing and moving of outlets- it’s time to beautify!IMG_6087Bart called in his dad for help when we were doing the headboard, which was a lot of fun…and I’m not kidding.  We were all measuring and cutting and nailing and working really well together to make this lovely herringbone headboard.IMG_6095Well that looks just as good as I envisioned it.  For anyone who’s curious, this is a “barnwood” purchased from Home Depot, it came just as you see it, and was great for this project.IMG_6114I know I took some more during photos…but between family photo shoots and this project, I have no idea what happened to them, but here’s how things came along.IMG_0702Last on my list is to finish the sides of the headboard and build upper cabinet doors.

Did I mention we don’t have a garage?  So I set up shop and build things out in the alley… it works out just fine. IMG_0575IMG_0584IMG_0578I really love the way these doors came out.  All that’s left is to put on the doors and pulls and it’s over!IMG_0579I’m probably not actually totally finished with the project, but I’m finished for now.  I should probably paint the interior of the cabinets, but I want to enjoy our summer and for now, everything is functional.IMG_0606Our poor bed…I probably should have moved the mattress, but what can you do?IMG_0614IMG_0602That’s better.  Wow.  I mean, I can’t believe this is OUR BED!  It’s a lot of wood- but I love it, and I love the storage, and I’m just now realizing I never mentioned that we downsized from a king bed to a queen bed.  So there’s a significant amount of floor space we didn’t have before, and should we want or need more storage, there’s room under the window for a dresser too!IMG_0618Naturally the first one in our household to enjoy the final product was our precious princess, sugar bear, Heidi! IMG_0629Olaf took a peek at the bed too…as usual, he was unimpressed.IMG_0697Thanks for checking out our bed!  Here are the plans if you want to build your own…IMG_0612Something like that–I’m not much of a sketch planner, more of a visualize, measure, cut, and nail type of gal ;)

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