Guest Bathroom Make Over

This past Spring I managed to paint my office and the guest bedroom in a matter of a few days.  This left the guest bathroom to be the only part of the house I still thought lacked desire.  I was kind of on a painting spree and thought maybe I’d paint the bathroom and give it a little facelift.  I bought a sample of a paint color “Colonial Blue” it’s exactly the color you’re imagining (or at least I thought the name fit it perfectly) I was certain I’d really like and painted a big oval on the bathroom wall to see how it looked.  I really liked the color, but the blue in contrast to the grey in our hallway didn’t  look good together :(  It was  the beginning of May whenever I painted that oval and before I knew it the whole summer was gone and the second week of August was here- and that oval was such a familiar sight I thought it might just stay that way.

My sister and I were at Hobby Lobby one day last week and I saw this little shelf/basket/hanger thing and I thought it looked like something Bart would really like (it’s hard to decorate a home whenever you’re married because you typically have to get somewhat gender neutral decor).  So I took a picture, got it husband approved and brought it home- meaning it was time to figure out what to do with the oval.  After finishing the master bathroom remodel– I was pretty over bathroom projects, so looking back I’m pretty surprised I even attempted to paint the bathroom anyway.  With no inspiration I went into the garage and dug through all the paint cans left behind by the previous owner.  I found the one labeled “hallway/bathroom?”  There were about 5 different cans of a yellow/dijon mustard/beige paint and I hoped that this one was indeed for the bathroom.  I opened the can and the paint was literally as thick as mud…kind of a problem.  So I went to Sherwin Williams with my paint and tried to get a quart of the same color…however a quart of paint cost $23!  I couldn’t imagine spending that much money on a touch up!  Fortunately, the paint guy there said that the paint I had would still work for a touch up.  So I got a paint stirrer from him and headed home to cover up my oval.Bathroom BeforeSo can you tell where my oval was?  This old paint was obviously not going to do the trick.  I was also trying to do as minimal work as possible since it is likely Bart and I will be moving within the next year to wherever he is going to medical school (the school is not a secret, we just won’t know until early next year where he gets accepted).  If this were a more long term house I would retile the shower, probably the floor and vanity…oh gosh, that sounds almost like a complete remodel, so that’s why I had to keep it simple and only paint.  BTW- if anyone knows where I can find some of the vintage white and pink tile I would at least like to fix this. IMG_0276

Okay- so back to the paint situation.  The oval removal was obviously not a success.  Plus the new shelf thing I bought had a light color piece of wood on it and I thought it blended in with the wall color too much.  Luckily I was able to convinced Bart to come shower curtain shopping and then paint color shopping so I could begin my weekend project.  Oh yeah, so the reason why I liked the shelf/hanger thing?  Because I absolutely did not like this.IMG_0265Aesthetically, not the worst thing I’ve ever seen.  But functionally…not so much.  It was on the back of the door between the powder room and the bathroom and the towels always fell on the ground and it also stuck out a good 4-5 inches right at eye level…just not good placement.  So I took it down. IMG_0268Oh Crap…did not expect that to happen, guess we had mutual feelings of dislike for one another.

It’s kind of weird to me to not really have a “during” picture, but all I did was paint and decorate- so here it is! Bathroom Before/AfterI’m slightly obsessed.  It’s really amazing what a good paint color can do to give a room more appeal.  The contrast of the paint against the vanity tile is one of my favorite elements and I didn’t even consider it when selecting the color! Bathroom Before/AfterIf you missed it above, here’s my little “patch” for the hole in the door.  I found a several potential items to hang and paint over at Hobby Lobby, but this one covered the hole best without making too much of a statement.  It was maybe a bronze/antique looking ceramic piece, but I caulked it to the door and painted it in hopes that no one would ever know there is a hole behind it.IMG_0295I wasn’t even sure if this facelift would be blog worthy, so I didn’t take a before picture of the actual bathroom, but here’s the after.  We got our shower curtain at Target.  The previous one was  a white waffle fabric curtain.  IMG_0292Less is more right?  Do I have to fill each of those baskets?  I don’t know what I’d put in them… I considered putting breath mints in the jar on the shelf though ;)IMG_0287

For anyone interested- here’s where the goods came from.  I got the shelf and birds at Hobby Lobby (if you turn the birds around they’re more ornate and have little silver gemstones on them, but I prefer the simple look).  The little jar is from Ross and I really like it!  Towels are from Target.  The patterned ones are from last year and I couldn’t find any more than what I have, but they still have the coral ones.IMG_0285Oh yes- and the question I get asked the most is what this little guy is…IMG_0298

The thought crossed my mind to pull it out and patch the hole since the medicine cabinet is right above it…but then after my mishap with removing the door hanger I decided to leave it be.  Plus I also I love that it shows the era the house was built.  IMG_0299It’s a toothbrush holder!

I don’t know what I’ll start doing now that practically the entire house has been redone.  I should probably work on landscaping, but I’ll be honest and let you know now that is very unlikely.  But Bart does have a pumpkin patch growing in the back yard right now :)

One thought on “Guest Bathroom Make Over

  1. Haha the bathroom at my parent’s house growing up had one of those toothbrush holder things… so weird. The paint looks AMAZING. It seriously blows my mind what a little paint can do. It looks like a whole new room!

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