Easter with Nana and Grandpa

This weekend my sister and I made the trek down to Waco to spend Easter with family.  My dad’s parents live in the country outside of Waco and have lived in this house for about 37 years, so it’s the only place I’ve ever known to be their home.  I remember whenever we were kids and would go to visit them my dad would let us “drive” the truck down the driveway which you can only see about 1/4 of in this picture…we thought we were awesome ;)
9K8A18309K8A18009K8A1809My sweet Nana and Grandpa!  We took our pictures in front of their Mountain Laurel bush which is beautiful and stays green all winter! 9K8A18149K8A1821The wall of family pictures- Bottom right is a picture of my brother and Me 26 years ago!9K8A1859This was our breakfast of choice.  I love donuts.  Really love them.  I crave them all the time but am mostly able to resist- unless they are piled high on a plate in front of me- then I eat three or five…no one’s counting right?9K8A1848Nana cutting the donuts in half so no one fights over who gets what.9K8A1851

Betsey and Grandpa chatting while Nana slaves over preparing our breakfast ;)

Chatting with Grandpa

I love this picture.  It is exactly how I will always remember all my visits to Nana and Grandpa’s house.  We spent time hearing stories about arrowheads that Grandpa has found, strange occurrences with wild animals outside their back door, and looking at old family pictures while learning about the genealogy that Nana has discovered about our ancestors.9K8A1880 I forgot to snap a picture of the pans outside with water and food for the birds.  But Nana and Grandpa are avid bird watchers.  They have a gorgeous back yard that attracts all sorts of fun feathered friends :)  I took a picture of a Killdeer nest that is in the middle of their driveway.  The momma flew away before I could photograph her, but I love that they nest on the ground!
9K8A1836A couple of months ago my dad got Nana an iphone.  She went from only having a cell phone for emergencies (no text or pictures) to a smart phone…biiiig changes in her life.  Whenever we (my sister wants credit for this, but I’ll still say we) asked her if she checked her email on her phone she said “Oh, no…I don’t have internet on my phone”  Let’s just say there’s a lot about her phone she doesn’t know.  So I’m hoping that after a little mentor session that she is reading this blog from her phone :)9K8A1882Not that I love saying goodbye, but this vision is forever engrained in my memory.  Love you both!9K8A1884Lastly, and certainly most impressively- I present to you Precious Barbara, whom I might possibly have never pet in my life.  I remember Nana and Grandpa having a cat when I was growing up, but whenever you’re young everything blends together and you don’t know one animal from another- so over the years I kind of assumed that they had had several cats in my lifetime-all of whom did not want me to play with them so I never really learned their names.  Well, last year whenever I was visiting I found out that Nana and Grandpa had not been getting new cats over the years and that little miss Barbara had just turned 26 years old!!  Close your mouth, I know it’s crazy!  Well, today is her birthday and she’s 27!  I almost wonder if it’s just their long running April’s Fools joke ;)  Happy Birthday Barbara!!

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