One Year Anniversary!

Yesterday we celebrated (or rather I gave myself a high-five) our one year anniversary in our current house!  Anyone who’s known Bart and I for a while can attest to the fact that we’re notorious house hoppers!  Since getting married in August 2009 (getting close to 4 years)- we have moved FOUR times!  I’ll give you the run down-

House  1- Rental in Norman- Occupied approximately 11 months (this time includes the 6 weeks we officially owned our first home, but were doing a bit of work on before we moved in)

House 2- Our first home in Norman- Occupied approximately 12 months (however we were already under contract with another house in Edmond about 3 months before we moved out)

House 3- Edmond house- Occupied approximately 9 months (we’re obviously setting a bad trend here)

House 4- Norman (again)- OCCUPIED A FULL YEAR!!!

We obviously have some commitment issues on where we want to live, but it feels like a huge accomplishment to be settled into our home and not be on the market to move again!  In honor of our one year anniversary here I decided to share the transformation our house has taken in the past year!

This house doesn’t qualify for the classification “fixer upper” (even though I have a soft spot for them)- but Bart and I agreed that there were a few things that could be improved upon to make it more suitable to our taste.  The very first thing I did whenever we had the keys to the house was add a little more privacy to the master bedroom.  One of the previous owners added a sunroom onto the house that then connected to both the living room and the master bedroom (both of which originally had access to the back yard).  We knew we wanted to close off this point of access to the master bedroom (don’t worry, there is another entrance to it!) and Bart had the genius idea to put in a bookshelf. I love that they left the exposed brick as part of the room and the bookshelf is perfect since there are other built-ins in the house.  1 first project This is the view from our bedroom.  I forgot to take a before picture because I was so focused on the bookshelf aspect of it, so be imaginative that there were glass doors there! 2bedroom nookSo that project was complete within the first 5 days of having the title- It was a requirement to complete it so that there was no construction in the master bedroom while we were sleeping in there (little did we know that there was a time consuming bathroom project in the future!)

While were still excited and in 100% “go getter” mode- we built a new mantle.  I had already decided this was going to happen- but I was just going to do it whenever I had the time…then Bart said “I think I want to build a new mantle” and I quickly responded “Great!  I know exactly how I want to build it”  We then discussed how Bart wanted it built so that the TV cables could go through the mantle and back to the bookcase so that we could hide the wires and everything worked out beautifully!  Oh- and this was a super frustrating project for us to be working on (probably because we didn’t have a nail gun) but it was a two-man job so we made it happen.workerThe best part was while we were about to go crazy working on it our sweet neighbor from across the street brought us a warm loaf of banana nut bread and puppy chow.  We immediately took a break- ate some sweets- and came back with positive attitudes and completed the project!

3fireplace This isn’t the most exciting before/after…but do you know how hard it is to paint a room this size that still has a washer and dryer in it?!?  Purple purple, happy wife = laundry queen :)4laundryI was mainly just bored and decided to frame out the windows in the sun room.  It still needs a little help with decoration, but I thought it helped make it fit in more with the rest of the house.  We left the shades off to make it a legit sun room (or really because I didn’t like the color of them and custom shades are expensive!)5sunroomI had to get several opinions before Bart approved this next project- This is what you see when you walk in the front door (check out that bomb mantle!).  If you’ve never been to our house, the living/dining area is very open- it used to be 3 different rooms and they took down the walls and made it one big room.  So whenever the walls were still there, this doorway was how you accessed the living room- but with the walls gone it became just a random doorway.  So after probably a week of polling everyone who walked through our door and trying to convince Bart that we should close off this space, he finally conceded (mainly because I told him that he could put in a wood wall there)!6entrywayIt’s great and we now have a more defined entry space for our home.  Oh- and this is from one of my first blog posts!  So if you want a little more detail you can check it out here! (ha- I just reread that post and I obviously remember the ordeal very accurately because I wrote pretty much the same thing!)

The entry way project happened in June/July (it seems so long ago) so I’m surprised that the next project to share is the bathroom  since it has only recently been completed-I started it in August and officially finished it in February!  I feel like I’ve already spilled my guts as much as is acceptable with that project, so if you want to know all about it,  you can read that post!
7editIMG_03538editIMG_0354 My personal goal with my most recent project was to have it finished before my first wedding of the season because I didn’t want for it to take months to complete whenever I knew it could be done in a matter of a week or two.  Mission accomplished!9armoireI am currently on hold from doing any other projects until Bart takes the MCAT and applies (and gets accepted) to medical school.  My hope is to stay in this house throughout his schooling- mainly because I’ve got lots of visions for future projects ;)  In case you didn’t get your fill, there are a few other little projects you can read about here!

Lastly- my favorite picture of the dogs at our house (they were standing on a stack of fence panels)!


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