Built in Armoire

If there is one thing older houses are known for- it’s a lack of closet space (right?)  Whenever we first looked at our house one of the only negatives was that there wasn’t very much closet space in the master bedroom.  After living in a brand new house with an obnoxiously big closet cutting down our closet space to 1/6 of what it had been wasn’t fun.  I crammed my clothes as closely together as possible and hung all my dresses in another closet.

In case you need a little illustration of what I’m talking about- here’s our Edmond closet. 08 And then our current closetIMG_3407 Just a bit of difference in capacity ;)  So while I was working on the bathroom remodel I had tons of tools and supplies lining the wall under the window in our bedroom.  Since this project took several months to complete, I got used to not having the extra floor space in that part of the room.  Then whenever I made the door for the bathroom I cleaned up the space for a picture and began to think that the floor space was awkward on that side of the room…which of course got my creative wheels turning on what could be done with this space.  Our next door neighbors have a nearly identical floor plan to our house and after seeing that their bedroom had an extra closet in the corner I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  So I patiently waited until the right moment to propose the idea to Bart…remember that the bathroom looked like this for a bit longer than I had originally planned.  IMG_0851 So whenever I finally asked Bart what he thought of my new idea, I had to include in my proposal that I would not begin this project until the bathroom was complete.  So once the bathroom was fully functional, toilet, sink, shower- I began my new project.  Ha- I posted this picture to instagram because I went to get caulk for to finish the shower and while in the store I mentally calculated how much wood I would need to get started on my new project. Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 6.46.24 PMNow I’ll stop explaining everything and show you what you came here for!IMG_1862IMG_1865IMG_1869IMG_3385IMG_3402 It turned out just how I wanted!  And my clothes are happy :)  Here’s another angle- the right side is 4 inches wider than the left, but the window wasn’t centered in the bedroom so I couldn’t help it.  But I’m obsessed- let me know if you want me to hang something of yours, I’ve got room!IMG_3399 On my “to do list- eventually” is making (or more likely having someone else make) a cushion for the window…but until then Oscar is quite pleased with my temporary solution.IMG_3390IMG_3396

7 thoughts on “Built in Armoire

  1. Do you just teach yourself all these woodworking skills, or did you go to a specialized school for it because your projects are always perfect and I’m so impressed that a lady/ handy woman does them. I am jealous.

    1. Ha- My dad got me started on the basics of construction and my imagination just took over from there! It just takes a little bit of planning and analyzing other things like what you want to build- anyone can do it :)

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