Bathroom Remodel- FINISHED!!!

To say I’m excited to finally be finished with the bathroom remodel doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel.  I feel about twenty different emotions now that this project is officially over, but just know that I AM DONE!  WOOHOO!!!

I wish I knew where the piece of paper that I wrote my original to do list was…but it said something like this:

Sunday- Gut bathroom, put up sheet rock, mud and texture walls

Monday- Prime and paint walls, tile floors, tile shower

Tuesday- Grout floor and shower

Ummm…seriously, I thought I was superwoman!!  Thanks to Bart and Olaf I did cross the first thing off my to list in one day!editIMG_0592editIMG_0593editIMG_0584editIMG_0609editIMG_0608So that was the easy part.  Next came moving the wiring to the opposite side of the bathroom, putting up cement board in the shower, sheetrock, mud, texture, primer, paint, tile, trim…deep breath, building a vanity, tiling the vanity counter, tiling the shower floor-walls-and ceiling.  Needless to say- this project did not last 1 week as I predicted.  I definitely learned my lesson not to start a project during the middle of my busiest time of the year.  Just in case you need a better idea of my s-l-o-w progress, I made a few other posts about this remodel POST 1  POST 2 POST 3

Now that I’m done with my abbreviated version of how long this project took- here are my before after pictures!!editIMG_0353editIMG_0354My original sketch IMG_0854 Final result!editIMG_3141

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