What Have I Been Doing?

I figure after a month of blog neglect I would make a little post before another month with no word from me!  So, in case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing- the answer is work!  I thought things would start to dwindle down after my last wedding October 20th, but I was so wrong!  I’ve had a whopping 30 photo shoots in the past two months (I didn’t realize it was that many until I went back through my calendar)  With photography consuming my life I pretty much did nothing else…little cleaning (you should see my desk!), little laundry, little cooking- I’ve basically dropped the domestic ball this fall.  However, I’ve got a pretty awesome husband who stepped up and made life pretty easy on me by picking up my slack around the house.  The best part about it- he’s found a cook book that he’s totally in to and he’s been trying out recipes over the past couple of weeks!  So my post today is dedicated to the one thing I have not been doing- cooking!

At Thanksgiving Dinner with church BC found out about this cook book- America’s Test Kitchen.  It is written by a bunch of chefs who test several different recipes of one specific dish and come up with the best recipe possible.  And it is GOOD!  So one night when I was at a photo shoot, he surprised me by cooking dinner while I was gone!  Chicken Teriyaki- yum…it’s his favorite so far.  Last Wednesday he made Shrimp Pad Thai and I got to capture few pictures while he whipped together dinner!IMG_1818IMG_1825Still a total novice with the video feature on my camera- but I love the way Bart wiggles while cooking!

The final product!  Sooo good!  Bart said it didn’t really taste like Pad Thai, but I thought it was delish :)
IMG_1834And lastly- our favorite kitchen assistant!IMG_1830


3 thoughts on “What Have I Been Doing?

  1. OOh I love America’s test kitchen! Some of my go-to recipes are from them. Since Bart is into it, maybe I should get Eric the cookbook for Christmas… I’m always trying to get him to cook for me!

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