Bathroom Remodel- Door

One of the big inspirations in the bathroom remodel was the style of door we were going to put in.  I know, a door- they’re functional…but in our case it also became the focal point in the room.  So if you revisit my original post about the bathroom remodel- you will see that part of our inspiration was a door like this.  I had every intention of tracking down that super trendy barn door hardware- but I couldn’t find it anywhere for less than $500 (just the hardware, not the door) and finally felt defeated and decided to come up with my own way of doing it that wasn’t as expensive.  So here’s the progress.  The original entrance to the bathroom was tucked in the corner of the bedroom, but we moved it so you walk in to the middle of the bathroom.Our reliable supervisor- always ready to assist :)
This side of the wall had been complete since the beginning of September.  I needed for something to look complete so that I didn’t feel like I was sleeping in the middle of a construction site. My version of a sliding barn door is a 2×4 with a track for a bypass sliding door attached to it.  Not too fancy and the total cost for the track and wood to frame it out was $43…not so bad compared to the $500 I was looking at before.Since the door was a little taller than the standard sized door they sell- I decided to get a nice sanded piece of plywood and spruce it up with a little trim and paneling.In case you ever wondered if craft time in elementary school would ever come in handy…the answer is YES!Complete door!  I obviously still have some painting to do in the bedroom, but that will happen once my next project is finished (yes, I’m already planning something new!)And I totally caught Oscar snuggling with the shop vac…


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