Bathroom- Progress (finally)

Oh the woes of a DIY bathroom remodel…Mainly the woes of “why do I not have nearly as much time as I thought I did?”  I’m not really sure where to begin, so if you need a preface- read my first post about the bathroom remodel.  To say we took on more than we anticipated would be an understatement.  Please someone keep me in check not to do a big project right in the middle of wedding season!!!  November-February are my new restrictions for monster projects (but hopefully this is the biggest one we do in this house).

So, back to where to start- I’ll just say that the picture below accurately portrays the condition of our bathroom for the past month (…and a half?) as of last Monday…Good thing we’ve got two!

Last week I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel with photo sessions and editing- so I decided to multi task and work on the bathroom and squeeze in a bit of photography work in between coats of paint drying.  My goal last week was to finish building the vanity cabinet.  Originally the plan was to custom order one- but before even researching what the cost would be, I said “I can build one”… Wait, who in their right mind says that!?!?  Blah- So here’s what I started with- a nice fancy $46 piece of plywood.
Building it in…literally.  It’s not really attached to the wall, but I cannot imagine anything being much more frustrating than building it in the garage only to later discover how unsquare this bathroom is and it not fit properly…so built in it is!Plenty of measure twice, cut once going on with this project :) 
Me back at the beginning of September (two months ago…this project was on hold a bit longer than I realized!).  So glad to be past this stage in building!  My project last week was finishing building and installing drawers, painting the vanity, and making the faces for the fronts of the drawers.

Totally normal, right?Originally I had tried putting the trim on the front of the drawers without there being a layer of wood inbeween.  This lead to an unpretty sight, so I decided to redo them and put a thin piece of plywood as a buffer between drawer and trim.  In hindsight I probably should have just custom ordered the drawer faces- but I don’t regret it because I love how they turned out!The progress of the drawers.Fanfare please!  The vanity cabinet is complete!!!  The top of course isn’t, but this is a major victory in my book!Oh- and the coolest thing in the world?!?  This toilet paper holder!!!  Genius!Hoping to make supernatural progress by next week- wish me luck :)


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