Puppy Stockings

A couple of weeks ago my friend Stephanie stopped by for a little visit.  She arrived just as I finished making a batch of hot cocoa- I’m currently working on the right balance of ingredients, but as soon as it’s perfected I’ll share ;)  With a cup of cocoa spiked with Bailey’s in our hands the holidays seemed like the perfect subject for conversation.  Stephanie casually asked if I had ever done anything like make a stocking…kind of a loaded question, so I pulled out my box that was hidden in the guest bedroom and showed her the project I had begun last holiday season.  My mom’s mom has made these absolutely adorable stockings for each of her kids, grandkids, great grand kids, and spouses (I don’t know how many people that is, but 30 or so).  I thought it would be cute to make Oscar and Olaf matching stockings like the ones Bart and I have – so I ordered a couple of kits to make the pups stockings of their own.  Here’s what the box looks like today:I thought maybe I’d spend a few evenings working on each stocking and then be finished.  Instead- I put in at least a dozen long nights carefully cutting felt, precisely placing sequins, and earnestly embroidering edges (going for a bit of alliteration with my adjectives) only to complete step 38 of 142!  Aaaaahhhh!  How did my Memama do so many stockings?!?!  So here’s where I left off and don’t intend to pick up until there’s a possibility of a baby Consedine being in attendance at Christmas (which definitely is not this year!).Okay, so super cute and classic for Christmas, but not practical for dogs.  Somehow I ended up on pinterest looking at ideas for homemade stockings and stumbled upon a cute little puppy stocking.  Naturally I actually click on the link to read instructions like I should have- instead I just looked at the picture and thought “I can do that”.  So off to Hobby Lobby I went and got  a yard of tan sherpa, some stiff black fuzzy fabric (not felt, but a more furry texture), a couple of colors of thread, and some needles-despite having an endless stock stashed in my original stocking box.Using another stocking as a template for size, I cut out a piece of poster board for my stocking template (which I still have if anyone wants it!)Diligently stitching Naturally I took a little break for some puppy hugs :)Finished product!  I’d estimate I spent about 7 hours total working on them…muuuch better than my original idea for their stockings ;)
And lastly- if you wonder what really sets the holiday spirit in this house, it’s this candle…I think I’ve already burnt through 3 of them this fall!


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