Doggie 5k

As titled, we participated in a Doggie 5k this past weekend.  I say participated because everything seemed to be working against me to actually run the entire time.  Last time I ran 3 miles I ended up in the ER later that evening…so that’s 1.  This summer I dropped something on my foot and busted my toenail, it’s getting close to falling off (ew, I know) and it’s pretty painful…2.  It was really windy-over 20mph right in my face…3.  Too sunny/hot (90 degrees in mid October!)…4.  Okay I’ll stop making excuses, but I really did want to run the whole time, just wasn’t my day to set a personal record ;)  But we had a great time and will definitely be participating in this for years to come!We arrived an hour before the race started, so we got lots of time to walk around and check out the competition.  A mere 250 pounds…I doubt he’ll win the race.
Olaf was quite skeptical about this dog that looked so much like himOh yes- participants are also encouraged to dress up for halloween…but for me- running with your dog is enough effort, no need to throw in a costume too.Starting to line upYes…I paid for a picture of us running-needed a little more proof we actually did this ;)While running I made a new friend, Jacob.  He’s in 4th grade.  Favorite dog is Siberian Husky.  And he needed a little bit of cheering on during the race (his dad was running ahead of him- guess he knew he’d make his way eventually).  So he got to run with Olaf some, walk with me when he needed a break (which I was happy to oblige), and then finish it off by listening to my pep talk and ran the final stretch without stopping- finishing way ahead of me.  I’m glad I met him.Tired pup.  Let’s go home and not do this for another year ;)


One thought on “Doggie 5k

  1. Eric and I literally just stared at the picture of the Mastiff for 2 minutes. He’s HUGE. And people think Winston is big! Looks like you guys had fun :)

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