New York City

So waaaay back in August we went on a little trip to the big apple.  This trip served three purposes:

1. To celebrate Betsey’s 22nd birthday!  Last year we missed her 21st because we were in NYC, and this year her boyfriend was at basic training and we didn’t want to leave her all alone on her birthday- so she came along!

2. To visit my dearest most wonderful friend- Jenn :)  She moved to NYC about a year and half ago and Bart and I miss her incredibly.

3. To celebrate our 3rd anniversary!  Woohoo!

I won’t be too wordy- but hopefully the pictures show we had the most incredible experience there!

I was a little camera happy with pictures of ourselves on our way from the airport to Manhattan-

Tried to get Betsey to hail a cab…didn’t happen.Got settled in at Jenn’s cozy apartment in ChelseaTraveling is quite exhausting, so when we arrived Friday afternoon we just took it easy and got familiar with our little nook of the city.  No illustrations, but Betsey and I enjoyed exploring Jenn’s neighborhood while she was at work.

We had a loose schedule of things to do each day we were there, and even though a Saturday morning wasn’t our first choice of day to visit Liberty Island- the forecast made us bump it up so that we didn’t miss out because of rain.  I learned this last summer, but NYC is HUMID- gross.  Oklahoma is humid-but I’ve never had my straightened hair turn curly whenever it wasn’t raining…you’ll notice the progression throughout the day.Love this pic- yes, we got up at the crack of dawn to go see the Statue of Liberty
Side story about the foam hats- whenever we were younger (as in 20 years ago) our mom brought us home little hats like these after visiting her cousin in NYC.  Kind of had to get them-plus they accent our Carpenter foreheads so well ;)This is the only time I’ll say this (in this post) but grrr!  No matter how good of directions I give-about 50% of the time I hand my camera off to someone else to take a picture, it ends up out of focus.  But our memories are captured, sometimes I just have to embrace the blur :)Oh yeah, we didn’t eat breakfast before getting on the ferry- so ice cream is totally acceptable to hold you over until your next meal.The following three pictures belong to BCAfter the Statue of Liberty- we made our way to China town, with a little stop by the Stock Exchange before catching a cabI’m not going to lie- we kind of missed the heart of China town…we saw lots of cheap little souvineer shops, ate at a chinese restaurant with an “A” rating, got a foot massage, and ate some delicious desserts.  Maybe next time we’ll dive deeper and Bart can eat a live octopus like he had planned.Betsey’s China Town finds Our daily routine consisted of doing something in the morning- taking a nap – doing something in the evening.  I highly recommend this approach to tourism ;)

I forgot to mention that Bart stayed with his friend Alex- Jenn’s apartment just about burst with us three girls in it.  I’m sure you’re wondering where Jenn is…she’s at work- but don’t worry-she gets plenty of action later!

Back to nap time- Betsey and I parted ways with Bart and decided before our nap we needed to get our nails painted.  $7 dollars each, exactly what you would pay in Oklahoma.  However, we ended up being there about 30 minutes and pretty much got a full manicure…in Chelsea!  I will return!Saturday night we went out to Times Square.  I know it’s always busy there- but this was definitely the best night to go…mainly because we saw the Naked CowboyAnd, yes, Betsey sure did give him $5 to take a picture with usSunday morning Kitty and I woke up to an empty apartment.  This made my heart so happy because I knew that Betsey and Jenn were getting quality time in-love them both with all my heart.  When they came back with milk and donuts- my heart became even happier!Our big event Sunday was going to see Chicago on Broadway.  We walked through Times Square again after Chicago- love this picAfterwards we went to go check out Alex’s apartment down in Tribeca…sweet view from the rooftop.  The also have a unreal view of the Hudson from their living room where we got to watch a lightning storm roll in.Went to the Comedy Cellar with Jenn and Alex for evening entertainment.  Highly recommend going!It’s Monday!  BETSEY’S BIRTHDAY!!!  Maybe I was more excited about it than her, but I woke up especially early and snuck out to the little florist on the corner of the street and snagged some gorgeous flowers for $15! Then we started off the day with a bike ride in Central Park

The entire time we were in NY I was thinking of where I could fit in and what I would do if I lived there.  At the top of my list of jobs: dog walking!  Incredible…I hear it’s competitive!After our little outing at the park, we swung by Jenn’s work to ask her where the world’s best lobster mac and cheese was.  Whenever I went last summer it was the first place she took me upon arriving on her doorstep and it was A-MAZ-ING!  So the birthday girl and I started our long journey to get to the very north west corner of the island.  On our train ride there we stumbled upon some in transit entertainment.  This kid set down his bag and said “EXCUSE ME, MAY I HAVE EVERYONE’S ATTENTION” yeah…Betsey thought he had bomb. Instead he proceeded to serenade our cabin for 5 minutes.After a looong ride on the A Train, we finally got off at the very last stop at 207th street in Inwood.  By that time I was dealing with a hungry birthday diva that was extremely skeptical of if the trip was worth it just for some mac and cheese.  Oh, and we saw some squirrels…or maybe one squirrel, one rat-squirrel :)Finally we arrived at Indian Road Cafe…I’m pretty sure it’s literally on the furthest NW corner of Manhattan.  Before we even ordered drinks I told our waitress we wanted the lobster mac and cheese.  Heaven.  Betsey agreed.  Our stomachs were satisfied and balance was restored.Oh, and why not a little birthday dessert to go with that?Time for a long trek back to Chelsea and our desprately needed nap! When the birthday girl was asked what she wanted to do for her birthday evening- she wisely said she wanted to go back to the Comedy Cellar.  So we grabbed some pizza nearby and enjoyed good company and people watching on a little stoop.As promised…here’s Jenn!  Glasses oooon!Glasses off!So glad we went back for a second night!  I’ve never laughed so hard!  Judah Friedlander from 30 Rock made a surprise appearance and was hilarious!  We snuck out before the final comedian-not that he wasn’t good, because he was the funniest from the night before.  But we had also seen him, the night before (as mentioned)…so we kind of assumed it would be the same act.  Lo and behold most of the comedians were outside hanging out and insisted we take a picture with them…I’m not kidding, normally I wouldn’t bother strangers to take a picture with me, but they were adamant about it-even gave me business cards to email pictures to.Hopefully you’re still reading…gosh this is long.  So Tuesday Betsey headed back to Oklahoma so that Bart and I could have a bit of time together to celebrate our anniversary.  But before we did that- we spent Jenn’s day off enjoying her cozy neighborhood.Jenn and I parted ways with BC and he headed to Harlem to check out a podiatry school (back up for med school).  We did our favorite thing to do together-go on a walk.  This was especially great because we got to explore the highline a bit.  Sooo cool!Not to sound like I have too little faith in people…but I’m always quite cautious about asking someone to take my picture with my camera.  First, you have to make sure they don’t look like they’ll be pissed off you asked-that could lead to a “no” response.  So Jenn and I patiently waited for the right person to come by to ask to snap a picture of us.  We saw a man a little older than us walking with his parents (who seemed to be slow moving and undisturbed).  He happily obligedAfter taking our picture he asked if we would mind taking a picture of his parents.  No, wait…a picture WITH his parents! Haha, he said this was their first time to America and wanted to show their friends back home the new “American Friends” they made on their visit.  Never a dull moment!Love Jenn with all my heart, and treasure every minute with her.  After our peaceful walk, we parted ways and Bart and I began our anniversary celebration!  We stayed a swank hotel- SoHotel (in SoHo).  Well, I guess I can’t expect anything too spacious in NY, but our room was TINY- but a bed is a bed and I guess I’m spoiled with the square footage places in Oklahoma have to offer.
Strolled around a bit grabbed a little dinner nearbyApparently Bart looked a little too knowledgeable standing so confidently on this street corner and got asked directions by a delivery guy ;)And that’s a wrap!  Thanks for sticking with me :)  So grateful to be able to spend so much time with my 3 favorite people!


2 thoughts on “New York City

  1. Shirley, these pictures are incredible! I love the one with the hats in Bart’s sun glasses. Looks like it was a fun trip! :)

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