Cutting Board Holder

Sometimes whenever you’re in the middle of a big project  it’s nice to do a little one so you can see some results :)  Our bathroom remodel has been about a 2 month process so far.  If I sat down and diligently worked on it- I could have it done in about a week.  However since it was started, I’ve photographed 4 weddings, assisted at 2 more, and had numerous photo shoots thrown in the mix.  But the time is quickly approaching where photography falls into it’s winter slumber and I have abundant time to work on my personal projects!

Yesterday I was looking at my friend Jill’s pintrest boards so that I could have some inspiration for her engagement pictures coming up this week.  After perusing her “wedding ideas” board, I noticed one titled “practical”…this is something I couldn’t resist checking out.  Of the two things pinned on that board (because let’s face it, not a whole lot on pinterest is practical…more so just absolutely adorable) one was of a cutting board holder.  Very practical!  Especially considering what my current cutting board holder idea was:Not really too horrible, but if you wanted the big cutting board you had to take them all down and then put the others back up…aka: a bit of a hassle.

So with the bathroom project going on- I have ton of random wood pieces scattered around the garage which made for a very convenient project with no trips to Lowe’s!Sweet and Simple- and total time working building and painting was under 1 hour!I have yet to convince Bart, but I am certain that this newly empty space needs an allen clock to complete the kitchen!


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