Thursday Afternoon

The big responsibility of starting a blog is keeping it going.  Not really that there aren’t many things to share, just rather finding the time to share them.  I had BIG PLANS to post about our trip to New York today- but that didn’t happen.  Instead, I enjoyed this wonderful Thursday afternoon.  Bart was studying, Oscar was squirrel watching, and Olaf…well he was doing what dogs do best-sleeping  : )And me…well I got a new photo toy today and wanted to test it out!  We’re having family photos taken soon by Photos by Esther and I thought I’d get some practice in with the pups!Obviously a little more practice is needed before the real deal…and Olaf needs to loosen up a bit!  Maybe it’s just that he doesn’t like to share the spotlight because he sure was happy to take his individual picture!Much to be thankful for on this warm, windy Thursday afternoon.

All is well.  Life is calm.  God is faithful.


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