Pumpkin Season

There’s not much more that comes to mind when it comes to fall decore than pumpkins.  They’re everywhere!  Bart and I have a good pattern of decorating pumpkins every other year(ish).  This way we have plenty of time to get excited about the next time we do it  : )  On Sunday we invited our friends Mark and Liz over to welcome fall with us (I will clarify that it isn’t “Mark and Liz” it’s “Mark” and “Liz”- separate of one another)Image



ImageI think they turned out quite fun!

top left: Liz                  top right: Mark

bottom left: Shirley        bottom right: BartImageMy pumpkin was REALLY easy to make- so while everyone was working diligently on theirs, I decided to bake pumpkin seeds!Imageleft: Worcestershire           middle: Balsamic          right: Cinnamon and SugarImageThey may look tasty- but I’ll admit that I burnt them!  I completely misread the directions and cooked them at 50 degrees hotter and 15 minutes longer- guess I’ll try again in 2014!ImageOh, and it was freezing this weekend (literally- it dropped below 32!), so we built a fire three days in a row in our first wood burning fire place!


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