Dr. Bart

So last Thursday was a really interesting day for me (or night rather).  That morning Bart and I went on a run (3 miles without stopping- woohoo!)  The rest of the day I worked diligently on editing pictures.  That evening Bart and I went out to an early dinner to celebrate my birthday and got back home around 7:30.  I fell asleep before 8:30 on the couch while watching tv.  Bart had gone to bed and left me on the couch to sleep and I woke up around 11:30 because Olaf wanted to go outside.  Waking up in the middle of a deep sleep to take Olaf to the backyard is a frequent occurrence.  I’m typically still half asleep whenever I do it and usually lean a little against the wall while I walk for a little extra support  ; )  Well there was no wall to lean against from the living room to the back door, somehow I managed to “fall” in the kitchen and make a bit of racket…I quickly got up and opened the door to let Olaf out.  Then I went into the bathroom and saw Bart walk by with his night stick and told him that I fell in the kitchen (explaining the loud noise he heard).  While telling him about it I was walking to go let Olaf back in and I “fell” again.  This time the back of my head managed to hit the hearth of the fireplace and the blood started flowing.  Immediately Bart whisked me off to the ER (afterwards he informed me that I was saying “woooah oooo  weeeaooohhh” the whole drive, yikes!)

After doing some tests (one of which made me “fall” again and they said I was blacking out!) and a cat-scan the doctor determined I was severely dehydrated (and not inebriated like one of the patients we could hear hooting and hollering in a nearby room).  The remedy was simple- consisting of a couple of bags of fluid through an IV and a couple of staples in my head as well.  I was told I could go anywhere and get my staples removed within 7-10 days.  Well…after a little bit of pondering about where to go- I half jokingly looked on amazon and found these guys for $7!  *Free shipping too- this is totally a plug, but if you don’t have amazon prime, GET IT!  Best decision I’ve ever made in internet shopping!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Bart is currently in school with the intention of taking the MCAT and applying to medical school in the spring  : )   So he’s been shadowing different doctors for the past several months and gets to do quite a bit of hands on things (including removing staples!).  I can’t think of anyone who would prefer to go sit in a doctors office and wait who knows how long just to spend 30 seconds with the doctor while getting these little staples taken out of their head.  So this morning, from the convenience of our own home, Dr. Bart removed my staples!!!

I wasn’t afraid that he was going to do a bad job, but Bart kept on telling me it was going to hurt because whenever he was in middle school he got staples in his head and it was REALLY painful to have them removed.  But “back in the day” they used to cut them in half and then pull each half out individually- technology has advanced since then and now the removers bend the staple in half and remove it PAINLESSLY!!!  It was awesome!  Totally worth $7  : )

The best part is that the staples now look like little bats- just in time for Halloween!  Wonder what I can do with them?


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