Bathroom Remodel (work in progress)

Ever since Bart and I moved into our house in March, we’ve known that a bathroom remodel was in the near future.  The bathroom worked and all, but it just wasn’t very pretty.  All we had thought about were cosmetic things we could do to make it more our style (and the same style as the rest of the house).  One thing we hadn’t really thought of was how to make it more functional (mainly because I didn’t know how to make an 11×4 foot bathroom much more than what it already was, aka a space capsule).  Just for a quick visual, here are the before pictures-So it’s just a little narrow, especially since half of the width of the bathroom is taken up by the vanity and toilet.  The door to the bathroom is a pocket door and we had been shown this cute alternative instead of a hidden pocket door and definitely knew it was what we wanted to do… Until we saw a DOUBLE hanging barn door, and my oh my did the ideas start flowing then!!!

In August (around the time the double hanging doors) we went to NYC to see my beautiful best friend- Jenn, Celebrate Betsey’s 22nd birthday, and also our 3rd anniversary!  Fun fun fun trip, that I will post about soon!  On our way home we had delayed flights, cancelled flights, and more time to think than I could have ever imagined having.  So with the hours and hours of sitting on planes and in hotel rooms with only the clothes on our backs (luggage didn’t make it off the planes), I had plenty of time to gather thoughts on how to begin the bathroom remodel  : )   Here’s my sketch that I made on our long trip home-

We have done a long list of renovations to the bathroom (including tearing out walls and tile, moving electrical, moving the location of the door- you’ll know all about it in a later post).  I’m hoping to have things completed in the next few weeks, but wanted to give a little glimpse into my current project!

Looks like a disaster, but everything is slowly coming together!


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