The Garden

Betsey (my sister) called me on Tuesday and said that her roommate’s step-mom surprised them with a new garden in the front of their house.  Holly (the step-mom) is one of the most inspirational women I’ve ever met- she is loving, wise, generous and full of life!  So as a random act of love- Holly brought in a crew of people to revamp their front landscaping!

The house Betsey and Mollie (roommate) live in is also the first house that Bart and I bought as newly weds about 2 1/2 years ago.  We did a lot of work to the inside, but the poor yard never got touched besides with a mower the entire time we lived there.  Here’s what the house looked like whenever we first bought it (landscaping looked pretty much exactly the same until Tuesday).


Now here it is thanks to Holly’s wonderful vision and gift!


The perfect way to welcome fall



Oh, and lastly- This is the sweet kitty wind-chime that was on the porch whenever the house came into our possession.  There’s no telling how long this little guy has been there, but I think he’s quite charming  ; )



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