Entry Way Project

A few months ago I was REALLY tired, so I snuggled up in bed to take a little nap.  Despite how sleepy I was- thoughts were brewing in my mind and I literally sprung out of bed (like in that Christmas poem- you know?) and I ran out to the living room.  Bart was studying at the table and gave me the I thought you were taking a nap look.  I quickly said to him “What do you think about closing off this doorway and just making it a wall?”  Literally something that had never crossed my mind, and I have no idea how it came to me while I was napping- but it seemed like a legit idea.


So after a few weeks of deliberation and asking everybody who walked through our front door what they thought of the idea, Bart finally agreed that we could do it!  Well…what really won him over on the idea was that I said he could use the old fence panels from our back yard and make a wood wall there. Image

Framing out the doorway and putting up sheetrock was a pretty quick project- I think we started on Friday and finished on Tuesday.  Only semi tricky part was moving the light switch for the hallway around the corner, but considering some of the other stuff we’ve done in the past, this was a breeze  : )


The main benefit of this little project is that we now have a defined entry area  : )   Plus it’s cute!  I’m still working on finding the perfect way to decorate the area, but it’s currently set up with my birthday shrine and I love that!


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